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The decision to homeschool is not always an easy one to make.

You want to do what’s best for your children, but going against the ‘norm’ is not always easy.

The inevitable questions from family and friends (and complete strangers!) are playing on your mind.

Remember, it is your decision. They are your children. You are doing what you know is best for them and your family unit.

Below are some links to educate you, motivate you, arm you with the correct information, and give you the confidence to stand up to the naysayers when they rear their ugly heads.


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Our Creative Homeschool Free PDF

Free Homeschool ChecklistHave all your questions answered, questions like:

  • It is legal to homeschool where I live?
  • What are my local regulations?
  • What types of homeschooling are there?
  • Where can I find support?

And much more…

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Homeschool Courses

If you feel you need a little extra motivation and information, below are links to homeschool courses I recommend. Just click on the links for more information.

Begin Homeschooling With Confidence

Deschooling Essentials

Zero To Homeschool

Start Homeschooling Summit PREVIEW

Start Homeschooling Summit Upgrade Bundle


OCH Blog Posts

Below you will find a selection of blog posts filled with information about homeschooling, where to find the best and most cost-effective resources and much more. (Including my very bad day and why I no longer talk about homeschooling with family).


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