As any homeschooler knows, being made to feel welcome is very important!

Joining a new homeschooling group can be daunting not only for your children but for you as well.

Here at Our Creative Homeschool, you will always feel welcome.

Our Creative Homeschool

Our Creative Homeschool began as a way for me to document our homeschooling journey but I quickly realised it is also the perfect way to help other homeschoolers – both new and seasoned!

I am homeschooling high school (Miss 13 14 began in August 2017, Miss 12 began in February 2018 and Mr 16 began in May 2018) but you will also find resources for primary/elementary/middle school here as well.

If you have a problem or just need a safe place to vent, I have created a Closed Facebook Group for that very purpose. I would love to see you there. 

I encourage comments on posts and pages as well as questions and stories about your journey.

Again, welcome to Our Creative Homeschool. I hope you enjoy being here.

Enjoy the journey…

Lara xx



Our Creative Homeschool                                                       Our Creative Homeschool

Learning something new can take time and patience. Relax. Don’t stress. Soon it will be easy and you’ll wonder what you were worried about.

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