Five Reasons We Homeschool

I am often asked why I have chosen to homeschool my 13 year old daughter, especially as I began more than half way through the school year.

I will also be homeschooling my 12 year old daughter next year. She is completing year 6 this year.

My reasons are listed below.

1. Emotional

My 13 year old daughter was very emotional every morning. We had tears and ‘I don’t want to go to school’. Eventually it became ‘I want to be homeschooled’.

My 12 year old decided that if her sister was being homeschooled instead of going to High School, then she would be too!

2. Educational

My 13 year old was falling behind. She learns differently from her older brother and younger sister. She needs extra help grasping concepts. High School in Australia doesn’t cater for those who need extra help.

3. Social

Teenage girls are not always nice. Social media doesn’t help either. My teenage daughter would be happy and post a picture of herself with a friend or with her sister and she would get comments from so-called-friends asking why she posted it! I know how difficult high school can be and I don’t want my girls dealing with peer pressure, bullying and the like.

4. Life Skills

There are many life skills I want all my children to know before they grow into adults – skills they can not learn at mainstream school. Homeschooling means I can teach them those skills and they can become well-rounded individuals.

5. Lifestyle/Family

We do not own our home – we are renting – and recently moved. I do not want to have my girls changing schools every time we move (my son attends a sports academy a distance away so my husband drives him each day in between his work).

We are a close family unit and I would love for us to remain this way. Don’t get me wrong, my children argue and yell at each other – but it never lasts long and they always make up.

My husband is self-employed so on days when he doesn’t have much work he can spend time with the girls.


I realise there are many people who won’t agree with my choice (my husband agrees wholeheartedly with homeschooling – thank goodness) and I am not trying to change anyone’s opinion. I believe this is the right course for our family.

We are all parents and at the end of the day we are all doing our very best to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children who will become useful and important members of society. There are many different choices and many different paths we can take on this journey. Just because we choose differently does not make any of us ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

We are all in this together.

Enjoy the journey.

Until next time…

Lara xx


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Author: Lara Galea

Lara is a freelance writer, blogger, photographer and homeschooler. When not helping others with their journey, she is either reading, binge-watching Netflix or creating havoc in the kitchen.

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