7 Things People Always Say When They Find Out We Homeschool


We have only been homeschooling a short time (since August 2017) and as we catch up with friends from our children’s mainstream school days we are asked various questions when we say we are now homeschooling.

1. ‘Are You Allowed To Do That?’

Yes, you are.

The majority of people don’t realise homeschooling is actually an option. The few times homeschooling makes it into the mainstream media it’s when something ‘goes wrong’ or the reporter sees it as ‘slack parenting’ and ‘failing the children’.

Unschooling and relaxed homeschooling are usually the targets of those reports – and you never see a follow-up article to let the public know what job/career the children choose or if they went to university.

2. Are You Qualified to Teach?

Yes, you’re their parent.

Who taught your child to speak?

There are companies making a fortune selling parents cards and games to help their two, three and four year olds speak and read as well as basic mathematics.

You are definitely qualified. And don’t forget the internet is a wonderful resource if you get stuck!

3. What Do You Teach?

Math – everyday math for living

English – creative writing, spelling, grammar

History – the history you want them to learn

Science – experiments are great fun!

The usual subjects…

Plus: Life Skills.

But you don’t have to do it in a regimented way. Learning should be fun. If it’s not – stop. Try something else.

4. ‘I Don’t Have The Patience’

Homeschoolers aren’t some freaky breed of human born with extraordinary patience.

We do what we do because we believe it’s in the best interests of our children – just like all parents.

You may find you actually have more patience once you start homeschooling. There won’t be a mad rush to get out the door every day. Your children can sleep as long as they need. (No more grumpy children in the morning!)

Your whole household might relax and you could find you don’t need patience because no one is hassling you!

5. What About Years 11 & 12 and University?

Not every child wants to go to university.

But if yours does, they don’t have to go to mainstream school to get there. Completing HSC/VCE is not the only pathway to university. There are many open university courses available for homeschoolers to complete as a pathway to their chosen course or degree.

Once your homeschooler knows what they want to study and where, check with the university to find out their entry requirements.

6. What About Socialization?

The Big ‘S’.

Sometimes, but not always, the first question asked.

Your homeschooled children (and you) get to choose who they want to socialize with. They will not be forced into any social situations they are uncomfortable with. They will not be forced to sit in the same room with 20 to 30 other children and be expected to get along with all of them at set break times.

They will not be thought of as ‘weird’ when they don’t get along with their ‘peers’.

Homeschooled children socialize with homeschooled children if, and when, they want to.  Most also do sport or other group lessons on a regular basis.

7. Do You Work?

Yes, you work very hard.

Homeschool parents come in all shapes and sizes. Some work outside the home on a full-time or part-time basis. Some parents share the homeschooling load, with the mother going off to work while dad homeschools, and once she gets back dad goes to work.

Some homeschooling parents work from home. Some have children of varying ages from newborn to teens and everything inbetween, so dad or mum work outside the home while the other parent homeschools.

All homeschooling families do what works for them.

No judgement, only friendship (and guidance if needed).


If you’re thinking about homeschooling and wondering where to start, try Homeschooling High School – Tips for Beginners

And Remember…

Enjoy the Journey,

Lara xx


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