Homeschooling is fast becoming a passion for me.

Sourcing new curriculum – mostly free – that suits three completely different learning styles, creating our own curriculum, helping new homeschoolers and those thinking about making the change to homeschooling, takes up most days.

I have discovered that although there are many resources for beginning homeschooling at the kindergarten and primary (elementary) school level, there are few to help the homeschooling parent beginning at the high school level.

I am hoping to change that.

I am a freelance writer and homeschooling mother, as well as a wife and partner in my husband’s gardening business.

Together we have three beautiful children – one 15 16-year-old son who attends a sports academy (soccer) is now (May 2018) homeschooled, one 13 14-year-old daughter (homeschooled since August 2017) and one 12-year-old daughter (homeschooled since February 2018.

I began this blog as a way to document our homeschooling experience and (hopefully) help others beginning their journey as well.

The Zeatilda Academy (a combination of our daughter’s names) will document our progress and also the resources we use.

I have created some of my own resources, you can download them free.


Digital SLR Photography Basics Booklet     Our Creative Homeschool



There are many reasons for choosing to homeschool. Whatever your reasons are, if I can help you at all, please let me know.



Our Creative Homeschool





Enjoy the journey.

Lara xx


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