And Then I Was Homeschooling Three…

That’s right, I am now homeschooling three out of three of my children.

It all happened last week…

I thought it was going to be a normal week for our homeschooling family. The usual arguing between Miss 13 and Miss 12 as they work next to each other, occasional help needed from me, the homeschool group meet-up on Tuesday morning.

Then Mr 16 comes home from school on Monday afternoon and announces that he doesn’t want to go to school anymore!

For those of you who don’t know, Mr 16 is our sports academy attending, soccer-mad teen.

Although this news didn’t come as a shock (we already knew he was getting sick of the travel and that he didn’t want to go back next year), it still made for a stressful evening and night for me.

Here in Victoria, you can’t leave school until you are 17 years old unless you are working and still receiving an education. Mr 16 won’t be 17 until January 2019.

So, homeschool it is.

The application and lesson plan have been sent off. The school has been notified and his books collected (by me of course). I have ordered additional workbooks and opened another Mango Languages account – Spanish this time.

Mr 16 had the rest of the week off. Of course, he still did his own soccer training and fitness routines. And now he is in his room beginning his first Spanish lesson. With the door closed now because I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought I was being quiet but he heard me even with his earbuds in. He sounded like he was getting angrier every time he said the same word, and me, being the good, encouraging mother that I am, laughed.

The girls are happy and actually excited that their big brother is homeschooled too now. Miss 14 because she now has someone else to talk too and occupy Miss 12, and Miss 12 for the same reasons plus she gets extra soccer training time with Mr 16.

Hubby is happy because he doesn’t have to spend an hour and a half to two hours in traffic every morning and afternoon driving Mr 16 to and from school! (One day they will finish the freeway!)

And me, of course, because I love having my children home. I so wish we had done this earlier…


If you’ve been busy (haven’t we all!), this is what you missed on the blog last week…

There was only one blog post last week due to my mind not being on the job and worrying about homeschooling a 16-year-old child halfway through year 10! I’m fine now, but as with all new things, it took me a while to wrap my brain around it.

Coming up over the next few weeks will be…

  • ‘Are You Behind in Your Homeschool?’
  • Homeschooling On A Budget
  • ‘Me’ Time

Plus Homeschooling book reviews.

How was your week? I hope it was a little less stressful than mine.

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Until next time…

Enjoy the Journey.

Lara xx