My children’s health is very important to me, as it is to all parents.

In our homeschool, we separate health and PE so Miss 13 14 has more variety and does not get bored. Wednesday is our assigned cooking lesson, but we are flexible so if she wants to cook on a different day that is fine too. Due to puberty, she is becoming self-conscious (damn!) so this has encouraged her to eat more healthily. I have to remind her that the odd snack and slightly less healthy meal will not make her fat. Everything in moderation.

Miss 12 joined our homeschool in early 2018 and Mr 16 joined in May 2018. I am hoping to get the girls preparing main meals. (Mr 16 takes over the kitchen at least once, sometimes twice a week.) My motivation behind this is that Miss 12 is extremely fussy and I’m hoping if she makes the meal she might eat the meal!

I am planning a vegetable garden which Miss 13 14 and Miss 12 will play a large part in creating. Learning about composting, mulching, soil preparation, seed germination, seedling transplanting, watering, fertilizing and propagation, as well as food preparation, is not only a part of health but science as well.

My aim is that, by the time they finish school, they will have recipe books filled with meals and treats they know how to make themselves as well as fruit and vegetables they know how to grow. I want to set them up for a lifetime of healthy living.

Below are the three topics we will cover in ‘Health’.




Mental Health 




Freshly Picked Vegetables                 Fresh, healthy, organic produce