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Do you follow the school terms or homeschool 52 weeks a year?

If someone asked me this question last year I would have answered ‘We follow the school terms’. Last year I had two children at mainstream school. This year it will be only one (he starts year 10 tomorrow!) So, following the school terms seemed logical. But Summer came and I decided Miss 13 (now Miss 14) could have all of December off and return to homeschooling with her younger sister once Mr 16 recommenced mainstream school.

It all made sense in my head but then we were on holidays (two weeks by the beach & the rest at home) and something clicked. They are always learning. Sure, we didn’t do any ‘traditional’ learning but we covered quite a few subjects on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.


With two budding professional soccer players on my hands there was plenty of beach soccer, soccer in the caravan park, and more structured fitness training once we returned home (thanks to Mr 16).

The ocean provided its own workout on an almost daily basis – boogie boarding in the crashing waves can be exhausting, especially when you’re there for hours!

Daily, sometimes twice or thrice daily, walks with the dogs in the park and on the beach.

Occasional bike riding – sometimes it’s just too hot!

Maths/English/Various Subjects

Camping, and at home, board games and card games are always a hit.

Before Christmas I discovered a wonderful thing called ‘Gameschooling’. Homeschooling through games. So for Christmas all three children (and hubby) received a board game each plus a deck of cards and one big book of games to share so we can learn some more.

Unfortunately Miss 12 has garnered a reputation for cheating – even when she doesn’t. She has a lot of luck/skill with card games but her siblings often accuse her of cheating. She has defended herself many times by saying she only cheats when she’s playing with me!!


Miss 12 has enjoyed cooking a lot over the Summer holidays and as result I have spent a lot of time researching recipes that she and Miss 14 can make each week.

So far this Summer Miss 12 has made Rice Bubble Bars, Chocolate Balls, helped me make brownies and Anzac Biscuits plus she has decorated both Miss 14’s and Mr 16’s birthday cakes.

As you can see from the picture above, one of her favourite things is tasting the mixture while she cooks.


Even though he’s not homeschooled, Mr 16 learned a lot over the Summer. He loves documentaries and, thanks to Foxtel, he spent a few hours learning about Ancient Egypt, Astronomy and human history. Last night he viewed the blood moon lunar eclipse (his sisters slept through it) with us.

This year we need to invest in a telescope so we can take pictures of the stars and planets as Astonomy is fast becoming one of his favourite things, and it is definitly on the learning plan for the girls.


Mr 16 is back at school tomorrow (Friday!) and the girls have their Not Back to School Party on Tuesday so we’ll be officially starting homeschool on Wednesday.

What are you learning in your homeschool in 2018?

Remember, enjoy the journey.

Until next time…

Lara xx


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