Many high schools now teach photography as an elective subject.

Although I didn’t study photography in high school, I did once I finished school and discovered a love for it.

Back then (in the ‘olden days’ as my children like to call it!), there was no digital photography so I learnt with an SLR and had to develop film.

Now, everything is much easier. But I still love books!

In our homeschool, we use a mixture of books, worksheets, eBooks, eCourses and video courses to learn about photography. Some are free and some are paid programs.

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1. Books

Unfortunately for me, my children haven’t really inherited my love of books, but I still buy them (and endure the endless complaints).

I love learning from books, highlighting pages, taking notes.

Below are some of my favourites. The first one is my go-to bible.

You can also try our FREE Digital SLR Photography Basics Booklet


Digital SLR Photography Basics Booklet


2. Ultimate Photography Bundle

The ultimate photography bundle is a combination of 26 eBooks and 21eCourses and includes mastering your camera (and smartphone tutorials too), taking better photos, editing and organizing your photos, earning money with your photography and much more.

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ultimate photography bundle


3. Craftsy

Craftsy also has Online Photography Classes which cover smartphone photography, digital SLR photography from beginner to advanced. Classes include wildlife photography, landscape photography, flower photography, travel photography, portrait photography and much more.

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