I’m Homeschooling the Wrong Child!

I just got kicked out of my kitchen.

No, my two homeschooled girls did not offer to make dinner and take over.

It was my son.

My non homeschooled child.

Mr 16.

My soccer mad, sports academy attending, teenager.

He is also multi-tasking.

He’s teaching Miss 12 how to play Fortnite!

And I just overheard him telling her to go and have a shower! (I’m stunned that she didn’t yell at him and tell him not to tell her what to do – instead, she said she will when she ‘dies’).

So, how did Mr 16 want to take over Sunday night dinner?

He has one dish that he loves to serve the family – Nachos. He made it last night (and last Sunday too).

After making his famous nachos last night he told us he would be making dinner tonight too. This afternoon he changed his mind. Then kicked me out of the kitchen.

Tonight he is making spaghetti bolognese.

He has never made it before so, after a bit of instruction, he took over.

I am making the most of it. I know this won’t happen next weekend. He has a soccer ‘friendly’ before the season begins the following weekend. I’m thinking he will be far too tired to cook on Saturday after the match.

He doesn’t have school tomorrow as it’s a public holiday so I’m guessing next Sunday night he won’t cook either…..

I’m hoping he wants to though.

How Did I Get My Son to Cook?

I have no idea…

Well, since I have been homeschooling the girls I have made up a recipe booklet of main meals, light meals and snacks I think everyone will like and I’ve been working my way through it.

Mr 16 looks at the recipe booklet frequently.

I add recipes to it almost daily.

And he reads my blog posts. (He says I need to write more about homeschooling the girls and less about resources we find as he thinks the girls’ antics are funny and the other posts are boring and stale.)

My critic!

Homeschooling the Wrong Child





I am not allowed to put photos of Mr 16 on Facebook anymore – I haven’t been able to for over a year.

He knows there are pictures of him on my blog – but they are all rear views so he is fine with that.

I Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Thinking about it, I shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Mr 16 did say when I started homeschooling Miss 14 last year, that if he didn’t go to his sports academy (or if they stopped the soccer program), he would be homeschooled too.

He has learned so much when not at school too.

Mr 16 loves space and natural history.

He finds all the documentaries he can about space, the universe, alien encounters, and wildlife – living and extinct.  All things that he doesn’t learn at school.

As well as everything soccer, of course.

Learning From My Child

I am researching living books and unit studies to try and get the girls as excited about a subject and learning as Mr 16.

Miss 12 loves soccer, of course. She devoured the books we got her for Christmas and is asking for more autobiographies of female soccer players (which she will get).

Miss 14 loves hairdressing so she will be getting books and a mannequin to practice on (Miss 12 refuses to be her model – she has the best hair).

But, I want to find something they will both love to learn about.

I’ll keep trying…

The Finished Product

I'm Homeschooling the Wrong Child

The Verdict

A bit too spicy for Miss 12 – I had to make her a plain batch.

Miss 14 didn’t like having two spicy dinners in a row – but ate most of it.

Hubby loved it.

I loved it – the serving was a bit too large though! (and the cook made sure I ate it all!)


I hope you’re enjoying your homeschooling journey – and get kicked out of the kitchen as often as possible!

The recipe will be up on the blog soon – once I get all the secret ingredients out of the cook.

Do you use living books and do unit studies in your homeschool?

What are your child/ren’s favourite subjects?

Until next time…


Lara xx


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