Ultimate Photography Bundle

The Ultimate Photography Bundle is the perfect way for you and/or your children to learn the art of photography.

Our Creative Homeschool is proud to introduce you and your children to these ebooks and eCourses.

One of the many things we love about homeschooling is that our children can learn at their own pace and learn the things they love. Seeing our children light up when they discover something new about their passion makes it all worthwhile.

If you child loves taking photos, either with an SLR camera or even a smartphone, then these courses are perfect.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of what’s included.

Master Your Camera

  • Beyond Snapshots: Mastering Mobile Photography by Rebecca Cooper ($15.00)
  • Explore With Your Camera Video Series by Lenspiration ($49.00)
  • Extremely Essential Camera Skills by Photography Concentrate ($97.00)
  • Fabulous Phone Photography by Karin van Mierlo ($149.00)
  • In-Camera: Light by Zach & Jody Gray ($249.00)
  • iPhone Photography Course for Parents by Kyle Shultz ($97.00)
  • Learn Manual Mode by Lorrin Sell ($74.00)
  • Love Your Camera: Photography Instruction to Learn, Master & Love Your Camera by Laura Radniecki ($59.00)
  • SimpleSLR Hands-On Photography Training by Andy Lim ($6.00)
  • SimpleSLR Portrait Lighting Guide by Andy Lim ($6.00)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography by Christian Hoiberg ($19.90)
  • Timelapse Photography: A Complete Introduction by Ryan Chylinski ($21.00)

Take Better Photos

  • 2-Month Adventures of the f-Stop Membership from Sullivan J Photography ($58.00)
  • A Mom’s Guide To Better Photos – A Beginning Photography Class for Moms With Any Type of Camera by Meg Calton ($99.00)
  • Africa with Athena: A Photographic Adventure by Armand Dijcks & Athena Carey ($59.00)
  • Cameras in the Wild: A Guide for the Adventuring Photomaker by Contrastly ($24.00)
  • Food Photography Behind the Scenes: Bright Food, Dark Shadows by Nicole Branan ($20.00)
  • Food Photography Tips and Tricks: The Ultimate Guide by Christina Peters ($19.95)
  • How to Direct and Pose Like a Pro eCourse by Gina Milicia ($297.00)
  • Nature Photography: Understanding the Camera by Steve Berardi ($19.95)
  • Photography for Bloggers by Vanessa Hewell ($15.00)
  • Radiate: Rediscovering Your Inner Glow Behind The Lens by Beryl Young ($247.00)
  • SimpleSLR Multicultural Wedding Photography Lighting by Andy Lim ($6.00)
  • SimpleSLR Portrait Recipes Volume 1 by Andy Lim ($6.00)
  • SimpleSLR Portrait Recipes Volume 2 by Andy Lim ($6.00)
  • SimpleSLR Portrait Recipes Volume 3 by Andy Lim ($6.00)
  • The Beginners Guide To Concert Photography by Matthias Hombauer ($27.00)
  • The Essential Guide to Black and White Photography by Digital Photography School ($19.00)
  • The Essentials of Street Photography and Street Photography Conversations eBook bundle by James Maher ($19.95)

Edit & Organize Your Photos

  • The Landscape Photographer’s Lightroom Presets by Richard Schneider $59.00)
  • Mastering Light & Shadow in ON1 Photo by Scott Davenport ($89.95)
  • Editing with Photoshop Elements by Anne McKinnell ($29.00)
  • Snap Edit: Cut Your Editing Time in Half Without Sacrificing Creativity or Control by Lisa Edwards ($97.00)
  • Photo Editing 1 Lightroom: Take Your Photos from Good to Great with Lightroom! by Jessica Sprague ($79.00)
  • Beginners Guide to Lightroom by Courtney Slazinik ($197.00)
  • Travel Lightroom Presets: Transform your Travel Photos Quickly and Easily by Loaded Landscapes ($39.00)
  • Colour Portrait Tools by Gavin Gough ($59.00)
  • Monochrome Portrait Tools by Gavin Gough ($59.00)
  • How to Organize and Enjoy Your Personal Photos by Nancy Ray ($29.99)
  • One Fell Swoop Photoshop Actions by Morgan Burks ($125.00)
  • Light & Airy Lightroom Presets by Cole’s Classroom ($67.00)
  • Crisp & Clean Lightroom Presets by Coles ($67.00)
  • Photoshop for Portrait Photographers by David Molnar ($197.00)
  • Easy Way Photography Photoshop Essentials Workflow by Adam Williams ($200.00)

Earn Money with Your Photography

  • 3-Month Go Pro Photo Club Membership ($81.00)
  • 6 Weeks to Profitability by Susan Stripling ($49.00)
  • 21 Pre-Written Photography Emails by Magazine Mama ($99.00)
  • Breaking Into Business by Will Nicholls ($20.00)
  • Build a Profitable Photography Business for Nature & Travel Photographers by Will Burrard-Lucas ($39.00)
  • Client Testimonial Maximizer by Marie Masse ($49.00)
  • Customer Care Newsletters Set by Richard & Rose Carr ($24.00)
  • Digital Fine Art Printing – Field Guide for Photographers by Robert Rodriguez Jr ($19.95)
  • Essential Marketing And Sales Strategies For Photographic Storytellers (Course) by Nigel Merrick ($197.00)
  • Get Connected by Lara White ($49.00)
  • Intentional Documentary: The Session Workflow for Documentary Family Photographers by Marie Masse ($149.00)
  • Mini-Sessions in a Snap: A complete guide to planning profitable mini-sessions. by Nicole Begley ($297.00)
  • Newborn Baby Photography by Sandra Henderson ($19.00)
  • Pricing Guide Template by Richard & Rose Carr ($10.00)
  • The Introvert Pet Photographer’s Guide by Holly Montgomery ($49.99)
  • The Winning Creative’s Way by Christina Scalera ($997.00)


  • 1-Year Digital Subscription to Click! ($18)
  • $25 Credit from SaneBox ($25)
  • $25 Store Credit to Porteen Gear ($25)
  • 2-Month Premium Membership to PhotoBizXposed ($40)
  • 1-year access to the Client Proofing Platform with 10GB from Pixpa ($130)

The Ultimate Photography Bundle is only $97 during the flash sale – June 18 & 19.

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Ultimate Photography Bundle