Being able to work at home while raising our children is the ultimate dream for many of us.

It has been my dream for a very long time.

When my husband and I began talking about starting a family the big issue for me was that I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mum/mom.

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Luckily for me, hubby and I were on the same page with this and, with a lot of sacrifices, I stayed at home for as long as possible. Hubby was (and still is) self-employed and when things became a little tight I went back to work part-time and he was able to manage his schedule around the school pick-up.

But, it didn’t work for long.

Soon (way too soon!) they were teens and one needed to be homeschooled – something we now wish we had done from the beginning.

When the children were little I tried many things to bring in some extra cash from home. I hate to admit it but yes, I got scammed a few times.

That is the worst part about trying to find work from home – there are so many unscrupulous people out there who don’t care about taking your hard earned money for nothing.

Homeschooling & Working From Home

Fortunately, I’m a lot warier now – and also extra motivated to make working at home work for us.

I am now homeschooling two teens and one pre-teen and, funnily enough, costs just keep rising.

Here at you will find out about everything I am doing to try to monetize this blog and bring in an income for my family.

I have done various courses – some free, some not.

I have signed up for many newsletters from working from home blogs – some are a wealth of information and some just want to take your wealth!

I have joined some affiliate programs – I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple that really interests me and would be great for homeschoolers.

Each week I will be adding a post about what I have tried, what worked, what didn’t and give recommendations so you can begin your work-at-home journey without being sucked in by scams or wasting time (and money) on courses that don’t deliver what they promise. You can find those posts here.


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